2018 Loch Norman Highland Games Report

Again, the Forresters gathered for the Loch Norman games on the historic Davidson farm near Lake Norman in North Carolina. Over the years these games have become known for rainy days, something not really a problem for Scots, but this year the days were sunny and beautiful.

The games were exciting as usual and the Clan tent was at a prime location, with a constant flow of spectators filing by each day. Many Clan members were present and there were always numerous members hanging out at the tent, eating, relaxing, greeting visitors, and just enjoying the comradery. This historic farm has many buildings and features to explore, which adds to the experience of learning a little history and genealogy along with spending time with fellow clan members. It is a unique experience.

Several members camped at their usual “prime” campsite located close by, but separated from the main campgrounds, giving us a wonderful private place to gather in the evenings. Will and Sonia Newman hosted the usual Saturday night grill at their campsite. Everyone brought their steak and a side and liquid refreshments were abundant. For some reason my 25-year old McCallan seemed to be popular, but maybe not as popular as Nathan Forrister’s homemade scotch – it was excellent. Regrettably, none of us realized that these would be the last games which we would share with Mary Paige Forrester-Blalock, as we lost her only a few weeks later.

I highly recommend these games. They are held in a beautiful, historic setting which is smaller than many other games, making seeing everything easy. Clan Forrester is well represented and everyone has a wonderful time, even when the rains come.

Ike Forester