Wow! As we ended our 2017 year for Clan Forrester, we were so excited about everything that has been accomplished the past year. We exceeded our goal of 220 that we set for the year. We gained many new members from many different places. Our family is really growing. We have set a goal of 230 members for 2018. It is now "renewal" time. Please renew as soon as possible so that you will continue to receive newsletters and not miss out on anything that is going on. We need your help to reach our goal.

The Highland Games have been very successful and enjoyable for the 2017 season. We had representatives/tents at many of the games over the USA. Our council members attend 4 of the games (Loch Norman, Blairsville, Grandfather Mountain, and Stone Mt. each year. Our Commissioners are busy in their areas also.  Please check with us if you need to find a game event near your home.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make the Stone Mountain games event this year due to a knee replacement surgery, but am well on the road to recovery now! I have heard of a lot of good things about the success of the games this year. Many people came by our tent and we had several new folks to join our Clan Forrester family.

Please consider participating in our DNA project. All male Forrester descendants (all spellings) are needed to help in this area. Contact our DNA Consultant, Nathan Forrister, for more information at

Jeff Forrester and Betty Forrester do a great job of keeping our information up-to-date. Nina Ford maintains our Facebook page. So, you can see that we have many areas that you can check out to keep up with our activities. Many of you have expressed a desire to be more involved with our Clan family. This would be wonderful! Please contact me at to let me know how you would like to serve. We are open to any new ideas that you might have.

Thank you so much for your support of Clan Forrester.

With regards,
Ben Forrester, Membership Director


Come be a part of your Clan - it's who you are! We invite you to join us and enjoy the opportunities we offer:

Membership to Clan Forrester Society is renewable on a one or three-year basis. The membership year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. Dues for a one-year membership are $20.00; three-years, $50.00 (U.S. Funds).


If you are a new member desiring membership, a current member simply needing to renew membership, or a past member whose membership has lapsed, please complete the New Membership and Membership Renewal Form and mail as instructed on the form.

New Membership and Membership Renewal Form


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If you have moved, changed your e-mail address or phone number or if any other personal information has changed, please complete a Member Information Update Form (PDF format) and e-mail to or send via postal mail to the address below:

Postal Mail:
Clan Forrester Society, Inc.
c/o Ben Forrester, Membership Director
1034 Blue Heron Drive
Commerce, GA 30529

We'd like to share in your life events. If you have any life event to report (birth, death, marriage, new job, graduation, etc.), we'd like to share it with the rest of the membership. Please send details via e-mail to


If you have any questions regarding the membership forms, dues, membership in general or simply have comments regarding your membership; please don't hesitate to contact Ben Forrester, Membership Chair, who will be happy to assist you.