Highland Games Report - 2017 Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Clan Forrester attended the Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games June 10-11, 2017. This is an important geographical area for Clan presence since there are three branches of the Forrest/Forrester family and five different Foster families in this area. They were glad to see us again this year.

Attendees for the Clan were Nathan W. & Tammy Forrister, Ben & Laura Forrester, John & Thelma Grant, and Nathan E. & Susan Forrister. I think all agree the setting in a mountain hollow with a clear stream to our backs was a picturesque setting. We also appreciate the games are a bit more laid back than the larger events at Grandfather and Stone Mountain.

The outstanding thing about these games is the music. There is no band competition, so there is more diversity of music presented by pipe & drum bands than at the larger games. The freedom of expression is most refreshing as some very talented folks show off a bit for the crowd. The sound of the combined mass band is mesmerizing.

I also took in a performance by the best Celtic Rock Band I've heard. This old dos learned something new - bagpipes rock.!!

Seven Nations is a five man band with some truly great musicians. Their presentation is high energy; your feet will move and your rear end will come out of the chair. The weaving of fiddle and bagpipe is pure magic, while guitar and drums keep the tempo and counter melody. If you get a chance to hear them at Highland Games or Scottish Festivals, you’re in for a treat. Check them out at sevennations.com.

Each year we meet new folks and greet old friends. All of the above combined with children splashing in a cold, clear mountain stream makes Blairsville Scottish Festival a tremendous experience. We'll definitely be back next year. See you there!

Nathan E. Forrister