M.C. Forister Needs Help With Genealogy

This is about my 3rd great-grandparents and their descendants that I haven't been able to find for years.

Hardin G. Forister, born around 1801 in (maybe) TN, died (maybe) January 1846 in TN. Hardin's parents' names are unknown. Hardin married October 2, 1821 in Lincoln Co., TN to Isabella Jane Wilson McAda, daughter of John C. McAda and Nancy Samson, born April 29, 1802 in (Maybe) Germantown, Shelby Co., TN - died January 6, 1830 Shelby Co., TN

Hardin later married second on July 3, 1830 in Shelby, Co., TN to Catherine Quarles. We do not know anything about Catherine, nor where Hardin, Isabella, and Catherine were buried.

Hardin and first wife, Isabella had four children, all born in Shelby Co., TN
1) Infant daughter Forister, born and died on January 13, 1822 (where buried is unknown)
2) Mary Jane Forister, born October 29, 1823, married January 13, 1840 in Shelby Co., TN to Lewis Allen
3) Nancy E. Forister, born May 3, 1826, married August 20, 1841 in Shelby Co., TN to Thompson C. Clarke
4) John Hardin Forister, born December 5, 1829, died December 21, 1915 in Caldwell Co., TX - married July 26, 1855 in Fayette Co., TX to Mary Elizabeth Peeler, daughter of Squire Peeler and Jane Cadwell. Mary was born January 10, 1838 in Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL - died December 13, 1913 in Caldwell Co., TX. Both were buried at the Lytton Springs Cemetery in Lytton Springs, Caldwell Co., TX (my 2nd great-grandparents). Right after John's mother died, Isabella's brother, James Newton “peg Leg” McAda, Sr. took John and raised him with his family. James's wife's name is Isabella Nancy McClure. They, with John, age 9, moved to here in Texas, first in Bastrop Co., TX - then to Fayette Co. TX - then to Karnes Co., TX.

I have been trying to find descendants of Mary Jane and Lewis Allen and descendants of Nancy E. & Thompson C. Clarke. They all just disappeared right after they were married. And we don't know when and where Lewis & Thompson were born or died.

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