Nina Ford's Florida Commissioners Report - Spring 2017

Greetings from your Florida Commissioner. We are looking forward to several upcoming events. Of course if you are planning upcoming vacations, Clan Forrester will be at Grandfather Mt. Highland Games in July, followed by Stone Mt. in October. As far as Florida games are concerned, we will be back in Mt. Dora, third weekend in November. The games are Nov. 18. A tent is not provided at these games, so if anyone has a 10x10 tent, please let me know if you can bring one to them. Mt. Dora's sister city if Forres, Scotland and this fact is not lost on me. It is a small games, but big on spirit with plans to grow these games. We had a great turnout last year.

For 2018 the CFL Highland Games in Winter Springs is back on the map and we would love to have some participants competing at this event. Contact me by putting "hg games" in the subject line. Everyone has been showing up in the green Clan Forrester t-shirt which looks impressive in the Parade of Tartans and Group photo. I am finally going to get one. Of course, if you are kilted, wear that as it always looks sharp. We hope to add in 2018 a West Coast games. I have been involved in a major move, but once things settle down over the summer, I will be back in the genealogy circuit.

Support your Clan by renewing those memberships and sporting your latest Clan Forrester garb. We have come such a long way in such a short amount of time: updates to our Website and social media, quarterly newsletters, etc. Our FTDNA Forrest/Forrester project is over 75 participants strong and we have identified 12 distinct lines and have more that have yet to be classified...awaiting matches from people who are yet to be tested. This us the gift of a lifetime, as I continue to acquire matches to my Dad long after he has passed. The gift is in the people I have been introduced to and had the opportunity to meet.

I hope you will join me and come out to these events. You can contact me at Please put Clan Forrester in the subject line. Have a terrific summer and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in service,
Nina Ford