President's Report

Summer, 2017

We have great news to share! The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games has started a walkway of Clan stones to enhance the entry gate to the games at MacRae Meadow. The registration was recently sent in, a copy of our Clan Crest, and money to enable Clan Forrester to be represented in this "walk of stones". We are grateful for the money donated by several clan members and others for their time and effort, which allowed us to go through with this project. The stone should be in place by the next games at Grandfather Mountain in July of 2018.

We had the pleasure of picking up a "stray" stone on the way up for the games this year for the Board members. One was left off of the trailer, so we volunteered to help out. They are really something and are about 2 feet square and about 4 inches thick. It does the heart good to have our members come together and make sure we are represented in MacRae Meadow.

The Stone Mountain games are coming up in October (October 21 & 22). We will be electing officers again this year on Saturday at noon. Please try to come join us.

There are no stones in the entrance, but we do have a tartan banner at the St. Andrews tartan display and our tent is decked out and looking good.

We always love the cool fall days at Stone Mountain and the fellowship at our "home" games. If ever there was a time to get your family out to come and participate, this is it!!! There is something for everyone and something for all ages.

Sonia and I are hosting the Ceilidh at our house again this year and we always have a great time - lots of food and maybe a wee dram or two. We hope to see you there as well on Saturday night. Sometimes, we are treated to live pipers calling us to dinner!! Come and be with us this year!

Yours aye,

R. Will Newman