President's Report

Winter 2019

Happy New Year!  Did you make any new year’s resolutions for 2019? You could try for one of the old standard resolutions like losing weight, or to stop smoking.  Maybe exercise more, or any of the various dozens of the ones that people do every year.  Or, probably don’t do.

So how about a little different take on a resolution this year and make a resolution to become more involved in learning about your heritage?  More involved in Clan Forrester! Learning more and having a really good time doing it.  Now that is a resolution that I can get behind.

Most of us really aren’t going to change very much as we are creatures of habit and we become a little complacent and maybe a little apathetic.  That is so easy in this modern world with long work hours and hours of electronic stimulation (or addiction maybe?).  But time moves on and so do we and I can tell you that thanks to this organization, I have discovered relatives that I should have known but did not and I have made wonderful life-long friends that I would have never met.

I can pass on to my children and other people the love for our heritage and fellowship that has a solid base.  The highlight of the year for Sonia and

me are our times at the games with our friends and relatives, plus meeting new people.  Some of them have become involved and come to be with us over and over again.  That is what we are about.  Growing and making a difference for ourselves and others.

Want a surprise this year? Take your DNA test and see if what you think is true really is so.  Maybe not, if you are really in love with what you think you are.  If it is not what you thought, then you have a brand-new adventure ahead of you.  The resolution to find out is an exciting prospect.  I can tell you that there are always some surprises.  Sorry, Dad, but we have less Cherokee in us than Senator Warren!!!  He always thought we did.

Make that resolution, however small, and join us more this year or join us for the first time. You will not be disappointed and you will have a good time!

Yours aye,

R. Will Newman

President, Clan Forrester Society, USA