President's Report

Winter, 2018

One of the things that I have come to realize as I have grown older, is that time seems to pass more quickly and our opportunities fade much faster than we wish. 2017 passed in a flash for me, and I am sure for many
of you. But while time passes quickly, it does not mean that accomplishments are not made or that life is not lived to its fullest.

For our family, Clan Forrester had a wonderful year. At the beginning of the year we set a lofty goal for our membership and in a very quick 12 months, we exceeded that goal. Thank you to our new members and to all who renewed their membership which helped us achieve our goal At Grandfather Mountain games in 2017, we were able, with the help of some of our members, to have a paver stone created that will be placed at the entrance to MacRae Meadow. This stone honors Clan Forrester and will reside with all of the other major clans that make these games so enjoyable.

Before we knew it, the Stone Mountain games were upon us and they exceeded all expectations - possibly the best Ceilidh ever. This brings us to 2018, and almost to the end of the first quarter. At this point most of the year is ahead of us and opportunities abound for you all to come and be with us at the games taking place this year. Let us start by meeting up outside of Charlotte, NC in April for the Loch Norman games. But please do not stop there. The only pause I ask you to take is to consider your involvement
in our wonderful organization. Don't let this year pass you by without doing something about your participation.

Yours aye,

R. Will Newman