President's Report

Spring, 2018

Here we are at the hot days of summer, and I remember as a kid, time seemed to slow down and the hot days were blessed with a breeze and soft summer evenings spent catching fireflies while the family watched from the front porch.  I would go out to the barn and play with our horse and it never occurred to me that anything would change.  But deep down I knew it would.

And so it did in the blink of an eye, I just turned around and I was out of high school, finished college, married the love of my life, and had 2 wonderful children, bought cards and houses, changed jobs….. And I wept at too many funerals.  We all know that when we are born we will at some point pass on.  It is only natural but we must ask important questions of those loved ones before they go.  That is a life’s lesson.  Ask and pass on the knowledge.

Recently we had a passing many years too soon of one of our dear members – Mary Paige Forrester Blalock, sudden and devastating.  It is easy to look at someone that is old and know that you should ask those questions of them in the search for knowledge of family and things in general, but I am telling you, we need to ask those questions of everyone around us.  We never know when we will be called home. Once gone, then so is the opportunity. Even the young among us have a perspective different from ours and the things that stuck in their minds may bring a view of life we did not expect.

I remember once my daughter was asked to draw a picture of her father at work for a school project.  She proudly showed me her drawing of me talking on a telephone and leaning on a golf club.  What a perspective!! What a story to pass on!!  I never thought of myself as making a living playing golf and talking on the phone, but that part of my job is what she knew and she was not wrong.

Do it now, people – we are only here for the moment.

Yours aye,

R. Will Newman