Clan Forrester Society Guestbook

Mack Forrester - January 18th, 2020
Location: Gainesville, GA
Comments: My Father is Larry Forrester,
Grandfather is Mack Forrester,
1886-1966. GGF is Benson Davis
Forrester, 1861-1943. GGGF Ira
Benson Forrester, 1840-1861.
GGGGF John James Forrester 1801-
1881. That is as far as I could
Jennifer Forrester Freeman - October 28th, 2019
Location: Columbia, SC
Glen Foster - September 22nd, 2019
Location: Bucks County, PA
Comments: It seems my surname family came from Scotland. They were part of the folks who went to Northern Ireland in the 1600s and subsequently to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the early 1700s. They changed their name from Forster to Foster in the around 1800. Others of this family went to Virginia and North Carolina during the same time frame.
The Scottish American - July 31st, 2019
Location: Mississippi
Comments: Nice to find you guys on the Internet. Learning about our Scottish Heritage is a journey of richness. I am direct descendant of the Forrester clan. Unfortunately I doubt I will be able to get
to Georgia but will try to keep updated with the group's progress. Best and fond wishes for the work.

Dave Rogers, Editor
The Scottish American
Karen Foster - June 20th, 2019
Location: Yorba Linda, California
Comments: My Dad-Dwayne E.Foster
His Dad-Earl Foster
His Dad-Ned Foster

My Maternal Fosters
Great-grandma Lydia Foster
Her Dad- Edward H.Foster
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: The Newsletter looks great, Jeff. KUDOS to you, Betty, and Nathan for your hard work.
Jeannie Forester Foster - May 11th, 2019
Location: Princeton, TX
Comments: I am the daughter of Denver Forester of Hot Springs,
NC. I am researching our history and have hit a
wall. My grandfather was John Thomas Forester, ggf
was William Thomas Forester, gggf was James Matison
(Mat) Forester. I cannot find info on James Matison
Forester other than he was born in the Carolinas
around 1825, moved to Georgia at some point, married
Rebbecca Reams in Georgia (Rabun County). I cannot
find his parents, his death certificate or
gravesite. I have found a James M Forester that was
in the Civil War from Georgia, but I do not know if
this is my James Matison. If amyone has any info,
please let me know. Thank you so much.
Hannah Forrester - April 23rd, 2019
Location: South Carolina
Comments: So wonderful to see others are as
interested as I am about our
family's history!!
Brian Forrester - March 9th, 2019
Location: Habersham Georgia
Brenda Diane Forrester Budkoski - January 21st, 2019
Location: Canton, Georgia
Comments: Represented Clan Forrester in June, 2018 in the Scottish Festival in Franklin, NC by caring the Forrester banner in the parade. Have also attended festivals in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
eric forrester - December 28th, 2018
Location: edmonton Alberta Canada
Comments: Nice to see so many Forresters. This my first time here and loving it. My dad's dad came
from Edinburgh and my great grandfather came from Glasgow to Canada though I think they spent some time in the USA before coming to Canada.
Stephen Brook - December 15th, 2018
Location: DeLand, FL.
Comments: I just sent in my dues to the Society today. I am descended from
Reginald Foster of Ipswich, MA. through his daughter Sarah who
married William Story(my mother was a Story).
James & Beverly Forrester - December 12th, 2018
Location: Cornville, Maine
Comments: Who knew there was an active
Forrester Clan???
Anna Marie Anzalone - December 8th, 2018
Location: michigan
Ruth Ellen Forrest - September 23rd, 2018
Location: Reedville Virginia USA
Comments: WoW! Just picked up this awesome site from a post to my FaceBook Forrest Family Treasures page, where my cousin Tim Forrest shared your page! Very cool site! Will definitely explore it further & share more stuff with my family who has compiled quite a lot of info on our faction of the Forrest Family. We're direct descendants of Nathan Bedford Forrest the Civil War General who has been under some scrutiny these days as we struggle as a society to come to terms with our past, and bring our people to a more peaceful cohesive future. Thanks for the site!
William Forrest - June 24th, 2018
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Comments: Interesting website. My Forrest
ancestors came from haddington
which is near Edinburgh, then
south Africa for 2 generations,
then New Zealand. Good
travellers our lot. I visited
corstorphine when I was in
Scotland. Really nice place. Saw
the church and doocot. Got a few
pics, was really cool. Good job
on this website.
Christian Hart Staples - April 22nd, 2018
Location: Charlotte,
Comments: I am the grandson of Nell Davis McCoy
(husband Harold Vincent McCoy). Nell
was born October 12, 1926 to the late
John L. Davis and Nell Forester Davis of
Statesville, NC. I live in Charlotte, NC with
my wife, Jennie, and son Evan Vincent.
We would love to become more involved
with the Clan. I attended the Highland
Games growing up and hope my family
can make it next year. If anyone lives in or
around Charlotte and would like to meet
up, please feel free to contact me!
Tina Ann Cavitt - March 12th, 2018
Location: Paducah, Kentucky
Comments: I would definately like a copy of that book the Reeves Forrester and Cotham is my family. My 2nd gr grandma Mattie Mozilla Forrester Lee daughter of Ervin Forrester who is buried in my family cemetery Cox Cemetery in Cottage Grove, TN. His father was Hezekiah Forrester. So I am through Richard Forrester line.
Debra Kaye Forrester-Frank - July 30th, 2017
Location: Lincoln City, OR, USA