Our last event of the 2022 season was the Middle Tennessee Scottish Games and Festival, 10-11 September. This is the third new venue in these last four games. The new riverfront venue is located just north of Nashville in Hendersonville, TN. The site seems to have great potential for a lively games schedule once the organizers iron out a few layout glitches. The field layout for clan tents was a bit awkward, but visitors were numerous and having a good time. We were somewhat lucky to be placed next to the honored clan which drew a larger than usual number of visitors to our tent. Also stopping by for a lively discussion were two knowledgeable visitors from Clan Sinclair who were very intrigued about the Forrester/Sinclair DNA and Roselyn Chapel connection. One lady had a photo of the Forrester hunting horn carving found inside the chapel. She promised to send me a copy of the image, but I have not yet received it, nor have I found the image online. Certainly is an interesting connection with the Forresters of Edinburgh. Hopefully, next year, the bugs will be worked out and maybe there will fewer pop-up thunderstorms.