30 Jan 2022
KY/TN Regional Commissioner’s Report


First, our condolences to the victims of the recent weather events in the region and best wishes to those who are still trying to recover. In that regard, we donated to the Red Cross KY/TN Tornado Relief Fund in honor of members and friends of Clan Forrester Society.

Covid is surging around here again big time. In my small rural Kentucky county alone, we are averaging nearly a hundred new cases per day. The only consolation, I guess, is that there are fewer hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated. With a four-month buffer ahead of us, we are optimistically planning to host Clan Forrester at four events beginning in late May.

I was excited to get notices that two of the Games are moving to new locations. The Smoky Mountain Games will move a bit east of Maryville, to a larger venue in Townsend, TN. The Middle Tennessee Games will move a bit north of Nashville, to a venue on the Cumberland River in Hendersonville, TN. Those who are interested, and I hope there are many, should go to each of the Games’ Facebook page or website for more specifics. I have already registered for both events.

The following events are planned:

Smoky Mountain Scottish Games & Festival, Townsend, TN       20-21 May 2022
Greenville Scottish Games, Furman University, Greenville, SC    27-28 May 2022
Glasgow Highland Games, Barren River State Park, Lucas, KY     3-5 June 2022
Middle Tennessee Highland Games, Hendersonville, TN             10-11 Sep 2022

After the Middle Tennessee Games in Nashville last September, I failed to acknowledge those who visited our tent. In my haste to get out of Dodge before dark, I mispacked the sign-in sheet. So, my apologies to Rusty, Karen, Robert, and Elizabeth. Your visit was appreciated, and I certainly hope to see you again at this year’s expanded two-day event in Hendersonville.