President's Report

Spring 2020

Hello Clan family,

What can we say about this year so far except, WOW!! This Coronavirus has done a number on our country and a quick end in not in sight. Never in my limited 63 years, have I seen anything remotely like this and hope I never have to see it again. I find it exceedingly difficult to see my friends and neighbors and not be able to shake a hand or hug a neck.

I hope all of you have managed to avoid the virus and will be able to continue to do so until this pandemic comes to a finish. I know I will just be glad to go to a store and it be stocked with the essentials.

It sure has taken its toll on the Highland games and I am having withdrawals not being able to see my Clan family and hear some piping. Hopefully, the end of this Covid-19 will come soon and we will be able to get together at Loch Norman in August and Stone Mountain in October. Look forward to seeing everyone really soon. Please stay safe and continue to invite those family members to join Clan Forrester.

Yours aye,

Nathan W. Forrister

President, Clan Forrester USA