Clan Forrester Society Guestbook

Tammi Forrester-Yoder - March 28th, 2023
Location: Northern Indiana
Comments: I am from the Forrester family (my fathers paternal side) of Northern Indiana. Our relatives came from Pennsylvania. Aaron Forrester was a relative who fought in the American revolution. I can trace my Forrester lineage back to Torwood Castle.
Vicky Nelson - March 23rd, 2023
Location: Mebane, NC
Comments: All I really know is my great grandfather's name was James Dalgliesh Forster, and he was from the southern part of Scotland. I hope to some day visit Scotland, and northern England where my mother grew up.
Donald Scott Forrester - January 30th, 2023
Location: MOSCOW Mills Missouri
Comments: This is fantastic.
Traci Diana Burrell - September 22nd, 2022
Location: Duluth, GA
Comments: My antecedent was Adaline Jura Foster Burrell. I've traced that line back to William P Foster born 1785 Buncombe GA. He died in Rabin County GA in 1809. Most of my ancestors were in North Georgia or across the border in
Western NC by 1800. Most lines also came through VA down the Shenandoah and into the mountains where most still currently reside. According to Ancestry DNA I'm 63% Scots. Hoping to learn more about my ancestors.
Patricia Lynn FORESTER Martin - September 11th, 2022
Location: Bracey, Virginia
Comments: I have an interest in your society but have a problem with the spelling. It's difficult for me to reconcile FORESTER with Forrester. I am extremely proud of my heritage and spelling. It's interesting but I feel I would be dishonoring my father by adding an unnecessary R.

It is necessary to understand that Clan Forrester accepts all variations of the surname Forrester including Foster and Forest. My own great Grandfather’s grave marker has his name spelled with one R while the rest of my family uses two R’s. Why is that?

If you consider that not terribly long ago many people could not spell and simply, however the census taker spelled the name, that is the way it was! Indeed, we have many examples of the same person that has found a variety of spellings in different census records over their lives. The spoken language was more important than the spelling. Often what we believe in the present is not necessarily how was from the beginning.

To further confuse us all, there was a period of time in the late 1700’s where the aristocracy that could spell took pride in inventing how many different ways to spell their surnames. That did not help!

With that said, proudly spell your name with one R and understand that it is correct and you certainly honor your father with that spelling. We would certainly love to have you join Clan Forrester and that is also correct if you have an interest in your Scottish heritage. You can find all of the different variations of the spelling on our website.

Yours Aye,

W. Will Newman
President, Clan Forrester U.S.A.
David Foster Baker - June 28th, 2022
Location: Northern Cali.
Comments: I trace my family back to
North Carolina where my
ancestors were deported to
the colonys from Scotland.
They took the last name of
Baker as many were bakers
at the time. My middle
name is Foster as well as
my fathers and
grandfathers and my sons.
The name is prominant in
my family all the way back
to the arrival in the
Harold Forrest - June 2nd, 2022
Location: Kentucky, USA
Comments: My 6th GGRANDFATHER was Stolen by a press gang from Scotland, In Edinburgh by the British brought to America to fight in the America Revolutionary War, He surrender to Washington under Cornwallace, He stayed in Virginia he had two son's, One move to what is now West Virginia, My Great Great Great Grandfather moved his family to Carter Co. Kentucky, my Great Great Grandfather moved his family to Boyd County Kentucky, near Ashland, Kentucky, So here I am.
Muriel Hill-Rowley - May 11th, 2022
Location: Greenville South Carolina USA
Comments: Hello, my name is Muriel, and I live in
Greenville South Carolina USA. My direct
antecedent is Mary Jane Adela Forrester
Smith. She was my great grandmother. At
this point I know not much about the
foresters except there are many in my
bloodline on both sides of the family. I am
looking forward to knowing more in my
Dan Frank - May 3rd, 2022
Location: The Pacific Northwest
Comments: I have a painting that has been handed down to me that I have been told is of a John Forrester. It appears to have been done circa 1830 or so. A marginal note on the painting lists his age at the time as 91. I also have a couple of pictures that seem to have been taken post civil war. One is identified as Janet Kilpatrick Forrester, and the other is identified as John Forrester (not the same as the one in the painting but I suspect his progeny). I would like to find a direct descendant and make the painting available to them. I spent $2400 on restoration (have recipients)but I don't need to have that much. The frame, which I suspect is the original) is probably worth that much. Thanks for looking.
Deborah Trimble Teeples - February 28th, 2022
Location: Granbury, Texas
Comments: GGG Grandaughter of James Matison Forrister of Georgia
John Forester - January 18th, 2022
Location: Oklahoma
Comments: Wanted to drop a line, I'm John Forester. My family has done solid genealogical work back to my last know ancestor James W Forrester (1690ish-1755) Orange County, NC. We descend through his son William. I've been keeping myself busy making tartans for posterity.
Stacie Pease - January 9th, 2022
Location: Missouri, United States
Comments: My mother’s mother is a Forrester. I have spent about 10 years working on our genealogy and believe that Samuel James Forrest (about 1662-1700) was born and raised in Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland and migrated to the state in Virginia. He was married to Alison Thomson and I know of only one child, James, born in North Carolina. I am looking to verify the information that I have to be sure that I have the correct family.